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If you are actively buying residential investment property in the Chicagoland area, we would love to know more about you.  VIVAZ often has "off market" investment deals in the area and are developing a list of qualified cash buyers to work along side.  We understand the importance of finding properties well below market value.
If you would like to be added to our Chicago-area Buyers List, please fill out the form below, so we can understand your investing preferences to better service you.


After you submit your form, you will be notified immediately by text and email of any new properties that match your buying criteria.  We look forward to working with you in the future!


Describe the perfect type of property you look for (residential property type, square footage, # of bedrooms, minimum amount of profit, etc.

Which Chicagoland areas do you prefer to buy from?

What price range?

How many properties can you typically rehab at once time?

How many properties are you currently rehabbing?

Do you use financing for your properties or pay cash?

Thanks for submitting!

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